Q. How are the containers packaged and how many per pallet/truck?

A. Our products are palletized on a 44” x 56” wood pallet, with layers of bottles separated by cardboard sheets (tier sheets) and then secured with shrink film. The number of bottles/jars on a pallet varies with the size of the containers as a small containers take up less space than a larger containers. There are 22 pallets in a 53’ trailer.

Q. What are your shipping requirements?

A. Full truck orders are be shipped via 53’ trailer with an inside height of 110″ with swing doors. Please refer to our Shipment Release Policy.

Q. Does your pricing include shipping and dunnage?

A. Our pricing structure does not include freight or dunnage. Our price list is FOB (meaning you pick up from our manufacturing facility in Riverside, CA). We are happy to provide a freight quote to all of our customers. Please refer to our Shipment Release Policy and Returnable Packaging Material Policy.

Q. Does your pricing include closures?

A. No, however we do carry a variety of closures. Contact us for more information

Q. Is there a minimum amount on orders?

A. Our manufacturing minimums are of a truck load quantity (22 pallets). However, in some rare instances, we can supply LTL (Less Than Load) orders from 20 pallets down to a 4 pallet minimum. There is normally an extra charge for LTL smaller orders.

Q. Are your items in stock?

A. Yes, we typically keep our stock products on hand in our Riverside, CA warehouse and we also manufacture to order.

Q. What is your manufacturing lead time?

A. Normally it is 7-10 business days. We might need more time during heavy production times/season. Other rare instances, we can ship product sooner. Please contact us  for a current lead time.

Q. Do you offer filling/labeling?

A. Yes, we do. USPI partners with other companies to supply your needs.

Q. Can I buy containers in color?

A. Yes, there is a minimum quantity requirement for custom color. Please contact us to discuss in detail.

Q. I need a unique, custom shape for my products. Can you make me custom tool/molds?

A. Yes, absolutely. Please fax your design to us at 951-300-9363 or email us at office@usplasticinc.com and we will be pleased to help you convert your conceptual idea to mass production in as little as a few short weeks.

Q. I am a packaging representative – do you offer pricing protection?

A. We have a one price brochure. Anyone can purchase any item.

Still have questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.